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NAIDOC Week 2013

Each NAIDOC Week the Reserve Bank Museum is open to the public. Visitors can also view the Museum's permanent collection, and learn the story of our currency against the backdrop of Australia's economic and social development from colonial settlement through to the current era of polymer notes.

The NAIDOC Week image featuring a kangaroo from a bark painting by David Daymirringu. Image featuring a kangaroo from a bark painting by David Daymirringu.

The Reserve Bank of Australia recognises NAIDOC week, in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is celebrated. The Bank has chosen to acknowledge the significant contribution of Indigenous Australian artists to the nation's cultural identity by displaying a selection of Aboriginal artwork from our archives.

Dr HC Coombs, the first governor of the Reserve Bank, Sir John Phillips and their successors sourced and collected over 40 indigenous artworks by artists including Yirawala, David Daymirringu, Nym Bunduk, Ali, Manggudja, Jack Laranggai and Coppa Manbutji. These artists have now become prominent and an inspiration to the current generation of Aboriginal artists. The display can be seen in the Bank's Museum. While in the Museum, visitors can also see Aboriginal contributions to Australian life represented on our banknotes.

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