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Australia Day

Each Australia Day the Reserve Bank Bank of Australia Museum is open to the public. Visitors can also view the Museum's permanent collection, and learn the story of our currency against the backdrop of Australia's economic and social development from colonial settlement through to the current era of polymer notes.

Talk to our staff about the life
cycle of a banknote from plastic
pellets, through to the production
process and to your wallet.

Magnified view of security text found on a banknote.

Discover the story behind Australia's
banknotes, their designs and the
important Australians depicted on them.

A little boy and little girl looking out a window.

Learn about Australia's
economic and social development
from the images on the banknotes.

A range of Australian banknotes laying on top of each other.

Explore the security features
that help keep Australia's banknotes
safe from counterfeiting, through
games and other activities.

The Reserve Bank Museum is open Tuesday, 26 January between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm.
Admission is free.

Reserve Bank of Australia
65 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000 +61 2 9551 9743

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