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Sydney Open Banner

Sydney Open

The Bank participated in Sydney Open on 5 November 2017, with talks about the building's design and architecture as well as the recently issued new $10 banknote. A special series of talks described selections of the Bank’s art collection. Read details »

NAIDOC Week 2016


The Reserve Bank of Australia recognises NAIDOC week, in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is celebrated. The Bank has chosen to acknowledge the significant contribution of Indigenous Australian artists to the nation's cultural identity by displaying a selection of Aboriginal artwork from our archives. Read details »

Australia Day

Australia Day 2016

The Reserve Bank of Australia Museum was opened on Australia Day in 2016 (and earlier years), allowing visitors to view the Museum's permanent collection, and learn the story of our currency against the backdrop of Australia's economic and social development from colonial settlement through to the current era of polymer notes. Read details »

Before Sunset

History Week

The theme of History Week 2015 was ‘War, Nationalism and Identity’, which focuses on the history of nation building, nationalism and national identity as the products of both peaceful and violent processes, focusing on generals and politicians, constitution makers and revolutionaries. The ‘Before Sunset’ exhibition explores the Bank's role in raising funds, offering assistance to service people in foreign countries and aiding their reparation to Australia through original documents, photographs, artefacts and historical film footage. Read details »

2013: The Year of Anniversaries

2013: The Year of Anniversaries

Two significant anniversaries occurred in 2013: the bicentenary of the first distinctive coin of New South Wales, known as the Holey Dollar (1813), and the centenary of the first banknote issued by the Australian nation (1913).Read details »

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